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Utility Hacker

Welcome to the Utility Hacker website. I created this website to help people save money on their utility bills while helping to save the environment. Some like to call it killing two birds with one stone. Then it grew into something more. Not only do I have hacks to help you save on utilities, but I am sharing small steps we can all take to change our habits to improve our carbon footprint and the environmental impact we have on Planet Earth. Check out my environmentally friendly section to learn ways we can save the environment.

Energy Saving Technology

In addition to the utility hacks, you will find detailed information on new technology and energy saving techniques. I have articles on LED lights, solar energy, water conservation, electric, recycling, and more.

Energy Saving Calculators

There are several energy saving calculators created by yours truly. My calculators can help you figure out what you need to do to start saving on your utility bills and how much money you can save.

Utility Hacker Blog

Stay up to date on the latest utility saving devices and techniques. We frequently blog about technology and devices that will save you energy and save you money. Not only that, but we share ideas to help save the planet and animals from the destructive forces of mankind. Check out the utility hacker blog to learn more.

Keeping it legal

Although the word “Hacker” is in our name, we in no way condone illegal activities such as stealing utility service. All of the hacks we post to help you save money on your utility bills are 100% legal and legitimate ways to curb your usage and lower your bills.

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