Bernie Sanders Memes & Guide to Reach Voters on Facebook

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Are you looking to spread the word for the Bernie Sanders? I have gathered a collection of pro-Bernie graphics that you can share with voters to help them understand his policies and agenda and most of all, help people realize that Bernie is the ONLY candidate qualified to be the president of the United States of America.

Share Bernie Sanders Memes on Facebook

  • Whereas a majority of older voters do not vote for Bernie Sanders, we have to make the case to them.
  • Often times, older voters are easily swayed by mainstream media and fall for “red baiting”, fear tactics, and smear campaigns that paint Bernie as a communist dictator.
  • We Bernie supporters know he is far from a communist dictator. We know that Bernie Sanders is only candidate that actually cares about the working class.
  • He is the only candidate that doesn’t accept money from special interests such as big pharma, insurance companies, and other corporate interests.
  • He has been fighting for the poor, the working class, and all vulnerable American people his entire career.

Misinformation Among Older Voters

Many older voters are wildly misinformed because they fall for propaganda and are not deeply involved or educated on the issues and the past histories of the candidates. They watch CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News and believe everything they see on TV. This is a generalization, but it is true among a wide demographic.

Older voters also live in a bubble of security. While Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Y have been crushed by student debt, increased housing prices, a lack of insurance coverage, zero retirement, and a lack of jobs, boomers grew up with job security, retirement plans, pensions plans, and did not face the hardships of the younger generation. They do not comprehend our hardships.

With that being said, OUR GENERATION has to share our experiences, our pain and suffering with our elders and make them understand that they are being misinformed by the main stream media (and Donald Trump) on vital issues that effect their lives, such as medicare for all, pharmaceutical costs, social security, and the cuts in funding on many social programs that help their children, grandchildren and themselves.


The Bernie Bro is a myth. Every campaign has toxic people. Please debunk the Bernie Bro myth by:

  • killing them with kindness
  • not starting arguments
  • Do not engage with vicious attacks and trolls
  • Refrain from bad-mouthing Bernie’s opponents
  • Spread Bernie’s agenda and ideas
  • Use personal stories to relate to others
  • Pivot to another topic if things get heated
  • Be kind and think would you want this posted on the news?
  • Always think, what would Bernie do?

How to Reach Older Voters on Facebook Step by Step Guide (SCROLL PAST THIS SECTION FOR THE BERNIE SANDERS MEMES)

Go to facebook search

Find the search bar to start looking for some places that older people like to hang out at and follow, such as news station facebook pages.

Click on “pages” to filter out the other stuff and find legit news station pages.

Click on a news station channel to find the news articles. Notice the number of people who like the page. I think the more people like it, the more popular it is, the better.

Find a news article that is relevant to Bernie’s agenda. For example this article is about the virus, you can post something about how we need medicare for all.

After you post a comment, wait for the responses to come rolling in.

Depending on what state you are commenting in, you will get all kinds of crazy attacks. I posted this in Florida and was attacked by a swarm of people who claimed all kinds of misinformed things, such as Bernie is a communist, we will turn into Venezuela if we do M4A, and that poor people don’t deserve healthcare. Stay calm and respond to each comment with FACTS not attacks. Pivot and point to how Bernie’s policies will help the public, how you don’t mind helping those in need, etc. Don’t get into fights because it will make them believe in their false narratives even more. Try replying with video examples and graphs that explain the issues.

  • Do not get discouraged if you are attacked. Notice that I got 7 likes. That means 7 people out there agree with me, even though they never commented. People will read your posts and see how crazy the attackers are and how logical your ideas and Bernie’s ideas are.
  • Sharing our point of view will plant a seed in inquiring minds who may not have a point of view. It will also make casual Bernie supporters feel stronger about his ideas and momentum. They won’t comment but they are out there reading, AND IF THEY SEE OTHER BERNIE SUPPORTERS, THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO VOTE FOR HIM!

Try other pages, such as state government pages

You can also comment on MSM pages. These have lots of comments and followers so you might get lost in the pile, but it doesn’t hurt to share your point of view.

Other techniques

Aside from making comments on news articles, you can reply to other peoples comments.

  • You don’t have to post actual comments, you can just post images, such as the images below. Feel free to share.
  • Use hashtags such as #JoeBiden, so when people search for him they will see your pro Bernie post.


  • Be sure to target your posts to states that haven’t voted yet. The next 4 states will that will vote on Tuesday, March 17th are: Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.




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