Best Eco Friendly Mattress for Your Home
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Best Eco Friendly Mattress for Your Home

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Do you care about the materials and chemicals used in your mattress? If not, you should. After all, you likely spend at least six hours every day in contact with those potentially fatal ingredients. An eco friendly mattress is a great way to show you care about your health and the environment.

Eco Friendly Mattress Benefits

Fortunately, there are organic mattresses and eco friendly mattress options out there that will help you and your family lead healthier, toxic-free lives. As an added bonus… Not only are these mattress options eco-friendly, they are also economical – in some cases, even free.

1. Hay Bale

Hay bales are among the most eco friendly mattresses on the market. They are especially popular in the farming community. Hay bale mattresses can also server multiple functions. In addition to being a comfortable bedding accessory, they can be used for play or as a temporary sediment barrier. Hay Bales are also considered organic mattresses since they are made of 100% plant based materials.


Hay Bales come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

2. A Pile of Leaves

Leaves make a great organic mattress. The key is to have a large enough pile that will keep your entire body comfortable throughout the night. Another tip is to make sure you use a species of tree that has comfortable leaves. Steer clear of coniferous and evergreens unless you want to wake up with pine needles stuck in your back.

3. Mud

If you want a 100 percent natural and organic sleeping experience, a crater of mud makes a great mattress. It can get a little messy, so you might want to take a quick shower after you wake up, but most people shower in the morning anyways.


Mud is soft and squishy which is perfect for cradling the curves of your back.

4. Hardwood Floors

If plush isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a firmer sleeping surface, hardwood flooring is an excellent organic mattress option. Considering the fact that hardwood flooring comes from trees, it’s a great eco-friendly sleeping option for you and your family.

hardwood floors eco friendly mattress

Planks of wood make a great organic mattress

5. A Yoga Mat

If you enjoy living a natural, healthy lifestyle, there’s a good chance you do yoga. In that case, you already have an eco-friendly mattress sitting in your closet. Who would have thought?! A huge benefit of a yoga mat mattress is that it is extremely portable.


An old re-used yoga mat will not tax the environment much…well maybe the smell.

Best Eco Friendly Mattress Conclusion

So there you have it. We hope you found this article helpful. Go out there, stay healthy, and get a good night’s rest on your new organic and eco friendly mattress.

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