Best Electric Weed Eater

Best Electric Weed Eater

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Are you looking for the best electric weed eater? This article will go in depth regarding the many aspects of electric weed eaters. We will present our top 3 best electric weed eaters for you to choose from. Here is a sneak peak of the best electric weed eaters on the market!

What is an Electric Weed Eater? (Also known as the weed whacker, grass trimmer, string trimmer, strimmer, or whipper-snipper)

An Electric Weed Eater is the device used for cutting the unwanted ends of grass or any of small plants in your backyard. The machine when powered by the electricity will start rotating at fast speed turning the plastic threads into the blades and thus cutting the irregular grass.

What can you use a weed eater for?

There are many things you can use your weed eater for. They help you reach the places where the lawn mower doesn’t fit. They also help you shape and clean up areas that your mower missed. Such as:

  • The edges of your lawn
  • Trimming around objects in your yard
  • Small yards and small sections
  • The places your mower missed
  • Evening out the top of the grass
  • Whacking Weeds
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Electric VS Gas Weed Eater:

Both of these kinds are available abundantly in the market and are widely used by the customers worldwide. Here we will compare the pros and cons of each kind.

Can be used anywhere

Electric Weed Eaters normally have a long wire to plug in for power. But its limit remain that you cannot take it anywhere and should always keep it close to the socket. While Gas weed eater is just free from this issue and you can easily take it anywhere as long as its fuel tank is full. However, this problem is easily solved with battery operated electric weed eaters.


Gas Weed Eater produces a huge sound that is just not pleasant to the ears. And you definitely don’t want to hear the horrible noise of your neighbor’s weed eater while enjoying a cup of tea in your lawn. Electric weed eater solves this problem as it completes the same job in silent mode and produces no unpleasant sound.


Gas Weed Eaters sometimes require both gas and fuel for its operation so it becomes really messy because of the oil spillage. Also its tank needs to be checked on regular basis to avoid any surprise at the hour of need. On the other hand, Electric ones do not require any maintenance and are free from all sort of mess

Environmental Friendly

As Gas Weed Eaters requires burning for their operation, so they emit a lot of pollutant gases and fumes. While the electric kind is environmental friendly as they not produce any gases at all. This seems to be the main reason of its popularity these days as people are becoming more aware of climate change and the threats imposed by it.

Engine Power

The engine of the gas weed eater is more powerful and endurable for all the tasks associated with grass cutting. The Electric ones do perform the job quite efficiently too but in comparison their engine is less powerful than the gas ones.

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Types of Electric Weed Cutter

Corded Electric Weed Cutter

They come with a long wire to carry along with the appliance and always require a socket to run it or an extension. Thus, limits the reach of the weed cutter. So if you need to trim a really big garden you either buy a cordless weed cutter or an extension.

Cordless Electric Weed Cutter

The reach issue of the electric weed cutter is solved by this invention. As they do not require direct electric power for its operation, instead a battery (charged by electricity) is enough to do the chores of the yard. But you need to check the charge of your battery after use and recharge it for the future. Also each battery has its life so you need to replace them once they have completed their tenure.

Safety tips for usage:

Study the Manual:

Read the manual thoroughly as there might be some new information in it that you were taking for granted. Also check the rating of the device and match it with your household power.

Weather Conditions

Try not to use the device in rainy weather. As there are more risk of short circuit and earth leakage in stormy days. Also your foot may slip on a wet grass.

Wear protective gears

No matter how inconvenient it may seems but always wear the protective gears specially the eye mask.

Compatible accessories

Every corded weed eater requires a specific cord usually mentioned in the manual. Also most of the cordless weed eaters also have battery and additional blade specifications described in the manual.

Dress appropriately

 While using the appliance you need to fully cover your body. Shorts or vest may give you a cool look but you might end up receiving an electric shock if short circuited.

Best Electric Weed Eater

#1 Best Electric Weed Eater

Makita XRU09PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

The entry to top our list is by Makita. This Makita-built brushless motor direct-drive system provides high power and increased torque. Its variable speed trigger for power control 2-Speed options (low: 5, 000 RPM, high: 6, 500 RPM) allow the operator to match the speed to the application for run time management. This product is equipped with bump and feed trimmer head loaded with 0. 08 inch twisted quiet Line. Its reverse rotation function allows operator to quickly clear trimmer head of entangled grass and weeds. It includes 2.5Ah battery and the battery time is 45 minutes and customer rating of 4.7.

#2 Electric Weed Eater

Ego 56-Volt Lith-ion Cordless Electric 15 in. Powerload String Trimmer with Carbon Fiber Shaft Kit

The second entry in our list is the electric weed eater by EGOPower+.The innovative Powerload head design allows the user to feed the line and press to wind. The strong and durable carbon fiber shaft carries a lifetime warranty. It delivers maximum power and convenience with its high efficiency brushless motor, bump feed line advance and longer run time. Lawn care has never been easier. The Powerload head allows you to load your line, push a button and go. It has 15 inch cutting swath and dual-feed spiral twist 0.095inch line. Also comprises of high efficiency brushless motor, variable speed control, 2.5Ah battery and 56-Volt charger.

#3 Electric Weed Eater

Greenworks 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger, 2.0 AH Battery Included 21342

The 3rd best Electric weed eater in our list is by Greenworks. Its pivoting head has edging and trimming capability with edging wheel. And the electric start eliminates gas hassle, less maintenance and zero fumes. It has a 12-inch cut path with .065 single line auto feed for easy line. It has a 2 Ah battery included which requires the charging time of 90 minutes.


With all the information provided, you can now pick the best option to beautify your lawns. So don’t delay it any further before those weeds and edges get out of control!

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